Terms of use.

Imagecrest is free image file hosting service for any user. All files are copyrighted to their respective owner, Imagecrest is not responsible to the content of any uploaded file.

Files on Imagecrest are not actively monitored so any kind of copyright infringement request is seriously considered and appropriate measure is taken to resolve it.


You agree not to use Imagecrest service to.

You agree not to upload any image files that is not legal in Europe and in the country you want to share image links. If we find any file infringing any kind of copyright or law we will remove the file and notify to regulatory authority about it.

You cannot upload any file that depicts minor in an adult or sexual situation.

You cannot upload any file that depicts underage people.

You cannot upload any file that you don’t hold copyright or permission to distribute.

You cannot upload any kind of spam or advertisement related files.

You cannot upload any kind of file that depicts any kind of terror or uneasiness.

You cannot upload any kind of files that violates or disrespect any person, place or religion.


Info sharing.

Your IP address and other information such as browser type, date, place etc. is logged when you upload any file on Imagecrest. If found guilty your information will be shared with the law enforcement and copyright holders for appropriate measures.



By using Imagecrest you are responsible for the content you upload and not to involve Imagecrest in any type of lawsuits or countersuits even if Imagecrest take legal action against any user for violation of any terms.


Imagecrest reserve rights to update terms regularly without notice and users are expected to read these terms periodically.